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Feel like you have bad breath?

What are some common causes of bad breath and what can we do about it?†

Some of the most obvious factors are:

1)††† Oral hygiene:† Imagine a piece of food sitting in the hot sun all day and how horrible the odour would be after a while.† This is exactly what is happening if you fail to brush and floss the food out of your teeth daily.† Mic drop

2)††† Food/Drink/Smoking:† Love garlic?† So do I.† Coffee? Ditto.† Smoking? Not so much.† All of them will make your breath rank.† Brush your teeth after please and thank you.†

3)††† That nasty tongue:† Did you know those little bumbs on your tongue arenít just for tasting delicious treats, they can also attract bacteria and cause bad breath!† Treat yo self and get a tongue scraper.† Clean it.† Daily.†††

Some other factors that could be causing bad breath:

1)††† Gum disease:† If itís been a while since you have had your teeth professionally cleaned and your gums are bleeding, chances are you have gingivitis.† The bacteria in the gums can lead to bad breath

2)††† †Dental abscess:† An untreated tooth infection can also be a cause

3)††† Mouth breathing:† Anything that causes your mouth to be dry, including mouth breathing, can lead to bad breath

4)††† Medications/health issues:† Certain types of medications can also lead to dry mouth or a change in oral bacteria. See your dentist for possible solutions to help

5)††† Wisdom teeth:† Partially impacted wisdom teeth can be a breeding ground for bacteria since they are difficult to clean and often create the perfect space for trapping food

If you are regularly brushing, flossing, cleaning your tongue, and having routine cleanings and still feel like you are stinky, contact your dentist.† They may be able to help you find the underlying cause and provide you with a solution.