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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.
Yes! Dr. Rena does all aspects of your implant surgery as well as restoring your implants so there is no need to be referred out of the office for parts of your treatment!
Yes! We are very happy to not only accept most insurance plans, but also bill them on your behalf. We just kindly ask that you pay your difference at the time of services whenever possible.

Want to join the movement and switch to Hopetown Dental?

We are so excited to share our experience with you. Let us know before your appointment and we will send you a records release form to sign and we will coordinate the transfer of your records before your appointment!

Here is a link to the form as well!

Our teeth whitening options start at $175 for take home options to $399 for in office whitening. A consultation is always recommended to see which option is best for you.

Just drive to the back alleyway and you will see our parking lot directly behind the building.

We are always looking to welcome new faces to our office!
We understand that sometimes life gets a bit hectic! We ask that you give us a minimum 2 business days to let us know if you cannot make it to your appointment to avoid rescheduling charges.
No! At Hopetown Dental, we DO NOT bill fees above the regulated Ontario Fee Guide that is issued by the Ontario Dental Association. This is the beauty of Hopetown Dental.