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Root Canals

About Root Canals

A dental root canal is a procedure performed to remove infected or damaged tissue from within a tooth’s root canal and to preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure.

After a root canal, a crown is typically recommended to protect the weakened tooth from further damage and to restore its normal function. A crown, also known as a cap, covers the entire tooth surface and provides a strong and durable protection. Receiving a crown after a root canal helps to ensure the long-term health and stability of the treated tooth.

At Hopetown Dental, we believe that root canal treatment can help save your natural teeth and protect your oral health. If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us to determine if root canal treatment is the right option for you.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.

Root Canal Process

At Hopetown Dental we follow these 3 steps for a Root Canal treatment:
We will assess the tooth by performing different tests and taking an xray to determine if root canal therapy is needed.
The procedure is done using local anesthetic and takes between 1-2hours depending on the tooth. If there is a large infection in the tooth, a second appointment may be needed.
Slight discomfort is expected but easily managed with over the counter medication in most cases.

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