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Brushing troubles with your little one?

?Itís normal and donít be discouraged from making it a daily habit!

?Like anything new, brushing requires desensitization, some positive reinforcement, and working through good and bad days!

?The brushing positions shown above by the.dentistmom make it easier for you to see your childís teeth and have more control over their heads.

?Give them a try and let me know what you think!!!!!


1. Start as young as possible! Even before your child has teeth, using a washcloth before bed to wipe their gums helps them become desensitized and establishes a routine. As they get older and brushing is consistently a part of your bedtime routine, it becomes less scary and just another step before bedtime

2. Give your child a choice! Have 2 different coloured toothbrushes to choose from or 2 different toothpastes. Giving them a choice letís them feel like they have some control in the process

3. Let your child become familiar with a toothbrush outside of brushing. Let them play with it and Ďbrushí your teeth or their toys

4. Positive reinforcement!! Compliment them when they are doing well and be specific!